Sunday, February 8, 2009

Costco=Our New Favorite Thing

All I can say is that Birmingham better have a Costco. We visited the phenomenal warehouse twice this weekend. Yesterday we got groceries and today we went back for a dog bed and some organic coffee. That;s our favorite thing about Costco, organic goods at reasonable prices. I will be the first to say that Travis and I are not much for trendy causes, but we have jumped on the organic bandwagon. Not only is it common sense that food with no preservatives is better for you, but you're supporting a family or small business as opposed to an insanely huge company. Anyways I thought our homage to Costco deserved it's own post. Here's some pics in case you want to give our favorite store a try.

Organic Animal Crackers-taste different then regular animal crackers which makes me wonder........

These are our new favorite snack, with organic salsa(below)


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