Sunday, February 1, 2009


Ok, so I'm determined to get this blogging thing down. I know it's going to take practice and I've decided this is a wonderful way to keep up with the people we can't talk to everyday. I also really enjoy reading others' blogs so ...... We had a wonderful relaxing weekend. Yesterday we woke up and took the dogs on a long walk to Edgewood Bakery. I think that's the thing we love most about Avondale, being able to walk to so many cute places. I also read two books this weekend. One was by Rob Bell and was called "Velvet Elvis". I really liked the book and it made me think, but the verdict's still out on whether or not I agree with everything he said. I am NOT ready to go back to work tomorrow. Uhhhhhh, I've told Travis I refuse to take naps on weekends because I don't want to waste the hours I'm not at work. (Sad, I know) We have decided out BIG idea is to open an organic bakery. We were talking about how we want to work for eachother and we think this would be a fun endeavor, now all we have to find is that capitol.

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